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Cherry Blossom Sale 2023

Kit Kat Chocolatory Pick To Mix Gift Set (25 pack, 10 flavors)

High-quality chocolate assortment

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When we hear "Kit Kat" and "Japan" together, our mind immediately goes to the unique flavors Nestle offers for the Japanese market. And by "unique," we often mean "weird"! The Kit Kat Chocolatory Pick To Mix Gift Set is a reminder that the Swiss conglomerate is as good as any of its compatriots at making high-quality sweets with only a very light touch of the unusual. Targeting more discerning chocolate lovers, this assortment puts exquisiteness before hype, giving you a sampler of very best chocolate matched with some (mostly) classic flavors.

The 25 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits in the Kit Kat Chocolatory Pick to Mix Gift Set come in 10 flavors (you get two or three pieces of each). You can enjoy bitter chocolate, white chocolate, ruby (pink) chocolate, strawberry cassis, raspberry, and passionfruit. And because this is Japan after all, you also get two very classic Japanese flavors: matcha green tea and yuzu citrus. Coming in a suitcase-style paper bag with images of the fruits that give the Kit Kats their flavors, this special pack also makes a perfect gift for any chocoholic - or Japan-o-holic!

Specs and Features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Contains 25 individually wrapped chocolate biscuits in 10 flavors
  • Flavors: bitter (3), milk (3), white (3), ruby (3), matcha (3), strawberry (2), cassis (2), raspberry (2), passionfruit (2), yuzu (2)
  • Limited-edition box set
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