Kimono Fundoshi Loincloth Lingerie

Luxury traditional designer underwear

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Combining kimono techniques and fundoshi, the traditional loincloths now coming back into fashion for both men and women, the Venus-Kimono Fundoshi Loincloth are cute lingerie items that make an ideal gift for the girl who has everything.

Kimono Fundoshi Loincloth Lingerie

Made to order from silk, the luxurious yet comfortable feel of the Venus-Kimono panties matches their unique look. Just tie them up with the bow and then relax with the extra space the underwear affords you. There are three versions: red has a vermillion sharkskin pattern, flower has graceful flora against a pale background, and plum features three of the eponymous blossoms.

Kimono Fundoshi Loincloth Lingerie

The Kimono Fundoshi Loincloth Lingerie features:

  • Fundoshi loincloth-style lingerie
  • Versions: red, flower, plum
  • Made by hand: design may vary slightly from images
  • Tied with bow
  • Wash by hand only
  • 100% silk
  • Made to order: please allow up to 1 month for delivery

Kimono Fundoshi Loincloth Lingerie
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