Kikkoman Goyogura Premium Soy Sauce Mix Set

Limited-edition two-type soy condiment

For many Westerners, soy sauce is just something that comes with your sushi for dipping, much like the plastic ketchup and mustard bottles in hamburger joints. But when they visit Japan, they realize that the Japanese take soy very seriously, as seriously as they take sake or rice, or any other of their staples, to the extent that some bottles of soy sauce look like bottles of expensive sake! The bottles in the Kikkoman Goyogura Premium Soy Sauce Mix Set are very much of this type and when you open them, you realize that the packaging barely does justice to the contents!

Kikkoman is Japan's (and the world's) premier soy sauce maker and the know-how it has amassed since its founding in 1917 is one of the reasons that make the Kikkoman Goyogura Premium Soy Sauce Mix Set so exceptional. The other is that this sauce, both in its pasteurized and its unpasteurized (nama) version, is made at the company's Goyogura factory in Chiba Prefecture, which produces the sauce used by the Japanese emperor himself! Made from the best Japan-grown ingredients and aged in special casks, this soy is so pure that you will want to use it with almost any dish – and even eat it alone!

Specs and Features:

  • 1 regular Goyogura Premium Sauce and 1 Goyogura Nama Premium Sauce
  • 300 ml (10 fl oz) each
  • Made using soy from Niigata Prefecture and wheat from Gunma Prefecture
  • Manufactured at Goyogura factory (founded 1939)
  • Purveyor to the Imperial Household Agency
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US$ 76