Karakuri Neck Charm

Anti-aging wrinkle skin slack neck brace

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Become over ten years younger with the Karakuri Neck Charm, a simple neck brace-like device that you slip over the back of your neck to work on your wrinkles and sagging skin. First put the tape onto the back of the Neck Charm and then tie up your hair. After fitting the bracelet around the back of your neck, you can tuck the loose skin inside the Neck Charm so that it holds that eye-sore slack.

Karakuri Neck Charm

You then remove the double-sided tape's covering tape so that the skin is held in place by the collar. The result is a tighter neck and someone who appears many years younger in an instant.

Karakuri Neck Charm

The Karakuri Neck Charm features:

  • Includes special adhesive tape to hold skin to the brace
  • Please remove the tape carefully so as not to hurt your skin

Karakuri Neck Charm
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