Kanebo Lissage Men Oil Control Soap

Male soap for preventing oily skin

US$ 48

Well-known Japanese cosmetic brand Kanebo has created this Kanebo Lissage Men Oil Control Soap for its bestselling series of male skincare items. The Lissage Men line is a follow-up to the very popular original Lissage range that was aimed at women. This soap is specifically designed to help control the amount of oil on your skin. It contains natural white clay that absorbs excess sebum and dirt. This makes the skin feel smooth and clean, preventing unpleasant oily textures. The soap also contains moisturizing ingredients such as collagen, glycerin, and Aloe vera leaf extract to keep the skin healthy. The 100%-natural essential oils provide a relaxing aroma that enhances the luxury experience of washing with this soap.

Kanebo Lissage Men Oil Control Soap

The Kanebo Lissage Men Oil Control Soap features:

  • For men
  • Face soap
  • For oil skin
  • 120 g (4.2 oz)
  • Contains: glycerin, water, Aloe vera leaf extract, glycine, proline mallow flower extract, alanine, sage leaf extract, Laminaria ochlorosquid extract, water-soluble collagen, etc.
  • Fragrance/aroma: 100%-natural essential oils
  • Rinse well immediately if the soap makes contact with your eye
  • Packaging/graphic design by Kashiwa Sato
  • Instruction: Japanese
  • Made in Japan
US$ 48

US$ 48