Kanebo Cream In Day

Morning care face moisturizer

If there's one thing many moisturizers lack, it's duration: you apply them in the morning and by noon, your skin already feels dry. It's time to try the Kanebo Cream In Day! Based on the idea of the vernix caseosa, a cream-like biofilm that covers the skin of the fetus for the last three months of pregnancy and protects a baby for about a week after it is born, this amazing cream has a lasting power of 12 hours, so not only awakens your skin in the morning but keeps it vibrant and firm until you return from work!

With a composition that contains extracts of the Fucus serratus algae, the root of althaea (marsh mallow), and golden chamomile, the Kanebo Cream In Day is a smooth, rich cream that revitalizes your skin and helps your makeup last longer. You can use it either as base or apply it over makeup. Give your skin a radiant finish and keep your skin hydrated and elastic (and UV free: it has an of SPF 20 and PA+++) with this wonderful cream!

Specs and Features:

  • SPF 20 / PA+++
  • Contains: Fucus serratus extract, althaea root extract, golden chamomile extract, glycerin
  • Skin type: normal
  • Fragrance: floral
  • Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz)
  • Made in Japan
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US$ 119