Kanbi Ka no Hana Seasonal Japanese Sweets Crepe Ornaments

Traditional wagashi-shaped decorative fabric items set

Everything about chado (tea ceremony) is elegant but nothing is more elegant than the sweets called nerikiri, served after the thick matcha tea to balance its bitterness. Always related to the season and created by hand, these mini sculptures, each coming in a small box with a clear plastic cover, are a reminder that the Japanese can bring out the art of anything. The only problem is that nerikiri need to be consumed fresh and it's a real shame, because they're so beautiful you could use them as decorations. And apparently someone thought about that and came up with the exquisite Kanbi Ka no Hana Seasonal Japanese Sweets Crepe Ornaments!

Using crepe rayon in various colors, the Tokyo craftspeople behind the Kanbi Ka no Hana Seasonal Japanese Sweets Crepe Ornaments have created six miniature masterpieces that look like the real thing – right down to the box with the clear cover. Like actual nerikiri, they are themed after six different times of year, namely New Year's (kagami mochi), cherry blossom season (sakura), wisteria blossom season (fuji), July's Tanabata festival (konpeito), autumn leaves (nishiki), and Christmas (poinsettia), so you can use them all year round and enjoy a touch of Japanese setsukan or feeling of seasonality!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 6 pieces: kagami mochi (sweets), sakura (cherry blossom), fuji (wisteria), konpeito (candy), nishiki (brocade), poinsettia
  • Piece diameter: approx. 5 cm (2")
  • Material: crepe rayon
  • Handmade in Kyoto
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US$ 90