Cherry Blossom Sale 2023
Cherry Blossom Sale 2023

Jujutsutchi Sukunatchi Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen Tamagotchi

Popular manga/anime character digital pet

The rest of the Jujutsutchi Jujutsu Kaisen Tamagotchi, toy maker Bandai's take on the popular Jujutsu Kaisen franchise, feature the heroes, but where would heroes be without villains? If you always had a thing for the baddie, the Jujutsutchi Sukunatchi Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen Tamagotchi gives your very own Noroi no O (King of the Curses), the most powerful of all cursed spirits from the series. Now you can help him grow and fight the sorcerers!

Like all Tamagotchi, regular or (like this one) Nano, the Jujutsutchi Sukunatchi Sukuna Jujutsu Kaisen Tamagotchi has three buttons and a mini 30 x 24 pixel screen for the gameplay. There are three training games that allow you to raise Ryomen Sukuna's skills, onigiri rice balls and mochi rice cakes to keep him fed and happy, and even fights with the sorcerers. Have him always around, thanks to the ball chain he comes with, and make sure he's healthy and ready!

Specs and Features:

  • Tamagotchi model: Tamagotchi Nano
  • Jujutsu Kaisen character: Ryomen Sukuna
  • Length: 4 cm (1.6")
  • Screen resolution: 30 x 24 pixels
  • Materials: ABS, PC, SI
  • Batteries: 2 LR44
  • With ball chain
  • For ages: 6 years and above
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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