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J-Concept Allergy Cut Mattress

Aisin Super Flex Fit hygiene bed

This might be the most hi-tech, sophisticated thing you will ever sleep on. The J-Concept Allergy Cut Mattress is from Aisin's Asleep series of luxury bedding. Designed especially to cut down on the ticks and pollen that can reside inside a mattress, the reversible mattress features a special cover with anti-allergy materials that will cut down allergies by up to 90%.

J-Concept Allergy Cut Mattress

The hygienic cover can be taken off and washed, meanwhile the J-Concept series mattress is durable and ultra-comfortable, with its internal Fine Revo 3D and triple-fabric that make the queen-sized mattress a "super flex fit" experience.

J-Concept Allergy Cut Mattress

The J-Concept Allergy Cut Mattress features:

  • SFF-JUX type mattress
  • Cover designed to cut down on pollen and ticks that reside in mattresses
  • Cover is removable and fully washable
  • Size: 167 x 213 x 27cm (5.4 x 7 x 0.9 ft) (queen size)
  • Weight: 66kg (145 lb)

Shipping weight: 66Kg / 145.2lbs
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