Japanese Food Sample Spaghetti Bolognese Kit

Fake food model DIY craft project

Visiting a workshop preparing food samples, the (mostly) wax models of dishes that restaurants use as a 3D menu, has become one of a must for many tourists visiting Japan. And for good reason: these replicas are so realistic that they really make you want to try the foods they represent! Think that's an exaggeration? Get the Japanese Food Sample Spaghetti Bolognese Kit and see if you can resist!

Yes, the Japanese Food Sample Spaghetti Bolognese Kit is a full, professional-level food sample set containing spaghetti, meat sauce, plate, fork, and stand that allows you to create a scene where the fork is lifting some spaghetti from the plate, just about to go in your mouth. Follow the instructions in the video to create an amazingly realistic result using everything in the set, a bowl of warm water, a pair of scissors, and some double-sided adhesive tape!

Specs and Features:

  • Main materials: wax, gelatin
  • Set contains: 1 paper plate, 1 wood fork, 2 types of wax, 110 g (3.8 oz) of wax, 1 bag of sauce gelatin, 1 stand
  • Equipment needed: warm water, heat-resistant bowl, plastic cup, rubber gloves, double-sided adhesive tape, scissors, brush
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 41