Japanese Cotton Wife

Bride-shaped foam cushion by Bibi Lab

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Looking for that special someone to snuggle up to? Look no further than wacky Japanese home items maker Bibi Lab and their new Japanese Cotton Wife. This bride-shaped cushion feels realistic to the touch, so you can hug and dress her up to get a unique household companion experience.

Japanese Cotton Wife

Keen-eyed observers will spot that this is essentially a parody of real "hug pillows", which are often decorated with sexy anime characters. The Cotton Wife comes in a washable, skin-colored spandex cover and in two sizes. Needless to say, the taller version has a larger, well, bust than the smaller model.

Japanese Cotton Wife

The Japanese Cotton Wife features:

  • Size: Small, Large
  • Small: 140cm (55")
  • Large: 158cm (62")
  • Weight: 1.1-1.4kg (2.4-3lbs)
  • Cover is washable
  • Materials: spandex (cover), urethane, polyester cotton
  • Made in Japan

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