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 Pokemon Eevee Tamagotchi   29/01/2019 
 Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Volcanic (Pack of 7)   30/01/2019 
 Homestar Classic Metallic Black   11/02/2019 
 CWF Backpacker's Closet Giant Backpack   13/02/2019 
 Kocchi Muite! Robi Look This Way   13/02/2019 
 Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner   14/02/2019 
 Japanese Honey Ginger Drink (Pack of 12)   21/02/2019 
 Taclim Virtual Reality Shoes and Gloves   28/02/2019 
 Dragon Ball Flying Nimbus Cloud Pet Cushion   27/03/2019 
 Sailor Moon Sailor Soldier Dog Outfits   28/03/2019