Imabari Kinsei Premium-Quality Four Towels Box

Luxury Japanese cotton towel set

Any towel that bears the Imabari seal, showing that it comes from one of the 200 towel-making factories in the eponymous city in Ehime Prefecture, is high quality. But among them, those that belong to the Imabari Kinsei brand are considered the best. And among those, there's an even smaller subset that bear the Gokujo mark, which literally translates as "extremely top." In other words, what you get in the Imabari Kinsei Premium-Quality Four Towels Box are Japan's finest towels – period!

This set contains two bath towels and two face towels, sized 60 x 120 cm (24 x 47") and 34 x 80 cm (13 x 32"). They are made of the finest cotton (100%, of course!), processed in a way that has been perfected in Imabari for over a century since 1894, when a local entrepreneur, Heisuke Abe, brought the four looms that would change his hometown's history forever! And they come in a beautiful white wooden box that makes them look even more luxurious than they feel – and that is really saying something!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 2 bath and 2 face towels
  • Colors: brown, persimmon
  • Bath towel dimensions: approx. 60 x 120 cm (23.6 x 47.2")
  • Face towel dimensions: approx. 34 x 80 cm (13.4 x 31.5")
  • Box dimensions: approx. 33 x 42.5 x 14 cm (12.9 x 16.7 x 5.5")
  • Towel material: 100% cotton
  • Box material: wood
  • Made in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture
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US$ 207