Imabari Kinsei Kira Karacho Towels

Luxury cotton towels with traditional Kyoto patterns

If you ask most Japanese what Imabari means to them, they will reply "towels," because the city creates some of the best cotton towels in the world in its more than 200 towel factories. But even in a market so demanding, the Imabari Kinsei Kira Karacho Towels stand out because they combines Imabari's tradition of towel making and Kyoto's elegant papermaking!

Paper itself isn't involved in the two bath towels and two face towels in the Imabari Kinsei Kira Karacho Towels set. The patterns, though, come from the collection of Karacho, a workshop specializing in the karakami style of papermaking, used by Kyoto aristocrats for centuries. Karacho itself was founded in 1624, so this exquisite set really captures elements of history and classic Japanese culture. To complete the picture, the set comes in a beautiful paulownia wood box like all high-quality Japanese gift items!

Specs and Features:

  • 2 compact bath towels and 2 long face towels
  • Collaboration with historical Kyoto paper design studio Karacho (est. 1624)
  • Bath towel dimensions: approx. 50 x 100 cm (19.7 x 39.4")
  • Face towel dimensions: approx. 34 x 90 cm (13.4 x 35.4")
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Comes in paulownia wooden box
  • Made in Imabari, Ehime Prefecture
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US$ 154