Hyoutan Gourd Speakers

Natural sound audio device

This set of mini Hyoutan Gourd Speakers is both cute and eco, letting you listen to music through a warm, natural material. If you are tired of clean, mass-produced consumer electronics, this kind of organic and gentle audio experience will restore your faith in sound. Hook this pair of medium sized speakers up to your music player or phone, and transform your home.

Hyoutan Gourd Speakers

The Hyoutan Gourd Speakers features:

  • Yorozuya version
  • Includes stereo adapter, stereo cable
  • Connect to headphone/earphone jack
  • Max. input: 0.5W
  • Size: 13-16cm (5.1-6.3")
  • Please note that, as the materials are natural gourd, the shape, color and size may alter

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US$ 148