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Homestar PRO Blue Earth 4-disc set by Sega

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Now you can get the style and technology of the Sega Homestar Pro, plus FOUR software discs, including two star discs, the Full Moon disc, and the latest Blue Earth disc just like in the upcoming Winter Edition, but without the high price. This combo set is only available here, and is the best deal out there. Get your Homestar Pro in your choice of silver or black.

Homestar PRO  Blue Earth 4-disc set by Sega

Using a professional-grade lens system to decrease blurring, the Homestar Pro from Sega utilizes three bright LED lights to project 10,000 stars and planets onto your walls or ceiling. In addition, you can use the function buttons to slowly rotate the image or blast randomly timed shooting stars.

Homestar PRO  Blue Earth 4-disc set by Sega

Included Star Discs: (Images here are of actual projections!)

• Stars and Planets
• Stars and Planets with Constellations
• Full Moon disc
• Blue Earth disc

Homestar PRO  Blue Earth 4-disc set by Sega


• Rotation-function (1 turn in 12 minutes)
• Shooting star – function
• 3x LED lighting
• Timer function
• Upgraded Professional lens system
• Maximum diameter of the projected picture: 270 cm
• Focus can be regulated
• Can be tilted up to 180 degrees for the best angles
• Weight: about 1 kg

Included in Delivery:

• Homestar PRO (black or silver)
• 2 Star Discs of the northern hemisphere (regular/constellations)
• 1 Full Moon Star Disc
• 1 Blue Earth disc
• Instructions in English
• Constellation Explanation Handbook (Japanese)
• Starry Sky explanation CD with music (Japanese)
• AC Adapter (100V-240V)

Sold Out
Sold Out