Homestar Classic Home Planetarium by Sega Toys

Takayuki Ohira star gazing projection

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The award-winning home planetarium is back with this Homestar Classic. Sega Toys' bestselling series has returned with a new chic look and with a design that returns to its original style that won star-gazing fans all over the world. Enjoy 60,000 stars from the Japanese night sky right in the comfort of your home with this quality optical planetarium, courtesy of master planetarium creator Takayuki Ohira.

Homestar Classic Home Planetarium by Sega Toys

The Homestar Classic also features a shooting star and diurnal motion, as well as several practical functions, such as angle adjustment (0-90 degrees) and a range of timer options. The Homestar Classic is also highly compact, making it suitable for a variety of houses and rooms. And the model also comes in two classy color designs, Pearl White or Metallic Navy.

Homestar Classic Home Planetarium by Sega Toys

The Homestar Classic Home Planetarium features:

  • Color: Pearl White or Metallic Navy
  • Produced by Takayuki Ohira
  • Optical home planetarium
  • 60,000 stars
  • Two star discs featuring the Japanese night sky
  • Diurnal motion
  • Timer: 15, 30, 60 minutes
  • Shooting stars
  • Angle adjustment (0-90 degrees)
  • Size: around 167 x 165 x 151mm (6.6 x 6.5 x 5.9")
  • Power: AC adapter, 100-120V
  • Projection range: 2-2.3m (6.6-7.5 ft), maximum 1.8m area (5.9 ft)
  • Materials: ABS, PC, etc
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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