Himitsu no Kuma-chan

Talking cuddly bear robotic companion

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Himitsu no Kuma-chan (The Secret of Kuma-chan) is a cuddly toy that can communicate in real-time. Himitsu no Kuma-chan may look like an ordinary stuff toy but he's so much more. Thanks to his unique integrated computer technology, he will respond naturally to greetings in Japanese like "Konnichiwa" and basic questions, making this not only a cute companion but a great way to learn Japanese too. Call him by his name, Kuma-chan, and he will answer!

Himitsu no Kuma-chan

Available in brown, white or pink, your new "secret" robotic friend will entertain and charm you as it chatters away in Japanese. It can also play word games like Shiritori. You'll find Kuma-chan's conversation and responses almost too life-like, you may forget he's not an actual person!

The Himitsu no Kuma-chan features:

  • Color: brown, white, pink
  • Responds to greetings, questions (Japanese only)
  • Can play Shiritori
  • Power: AA batteries x 3
  • Instructions: Japanese

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