Hietama-chan Energy Saver Talking Chick Eggs

Eco life refrigerator door reminder

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Save the planet in the cutest way possible with Hietama-chan, a super sweet series of chicks that will sit in your refrigerator, ready to remind you to shut the door! Especially good for lazy husbands or absent-minded kids, the cute chicks pop out of their eggs and chirp such things as "Save electricity!", "You're wasting energy!" or "Please close the door soon!"

Hietama-chan Energy Saver Talking Chick Eggs

"Hietama" means "cold egg" and these little chicks certainly don't want to get chilly! There are six colors to choose from in the Hietama-chan "family" (white, yellow, blue, orange, pink, brown) and each is almost exactly the same size as an actual regular large egg.

Hietama-chan Energy Saver Talking Chick Eggs

Watch this video to see the chirping chicks in action!

The Hietama-chan features:

  • One talking chick/egg
  • "Egg pack" not included
  • Egg colors: white, yellow, blue, orange, pink, brown
  • Power: battery (included)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand)

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