Hello Kitty mangekyo kaleidoscope projector

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Combine the cuteness of Hello Kitty with the beauty of a kaleidoscope, customize it, and then project it onto your ceiling in full moving color! The Hello Kitty Mangekyo Projector from U-Mate comes with a limited edition Hello Kitty kaleidoscope discs plus three more discs that can be enhanced with the include beads, or any other compatible objects that you can fit in there!

Hello Kitty mangekyo kaleidoscope projector

It also comes with a dome top which will turn it into a light with the projections contained within. The free-rotation function allows you to point it in any direction at your ceiling and walls to view the beautiful evolving patterns.

Hello Kitty Mangekyo features:

• Kaleidoscope discs: Hello Kitty version + 3 original discs
• Color: Pearl White and metallic pink
• Design: Hello Kitty interface
• Customizable cartridges
• Custom bead inserts
• Timer: 30, 60, 180 minutes
• Free rotation
• Speed adjustment
• AC adapter (AC100V, 50/60Hz, DC5V, 1.2A)

Hello Kitty mangekyo kaleidoscope projector
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