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Heat Socks EX Battery Set

Total warmth for outdoors

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With the Heat Sock EX, you'll never fear a chilly winter day again. Acclaimed by motorcycle riders, and outdoor workers, these socks' radiating heat keeps you warm in the coldest winter conditions. Other heated socks only heat areas of your feet, but by incorporating conductive carbon fibers, the Heat Sock EX distributes warmth evenly through the entire foot. The socks include a lightweight, discreet power pack and an unobtrusive wiring system, so you can wear them with nearly any clothes you like.

Heat Socks EX Battery Set

The Heat Sock EX features:

  • 5 power levels
  • Run time: 3-10 hours, depending on usage
  • Battery: Lithium Ion (7.4V, 4400mAh)
  • Battery charger input: 100V, 50/60Hz AC
  • Charge time: 5 hours
  • Size (length of foot in centimeters): 23-25 (S), 25-27 (L)
  • Materials: Cloth, carbon fiber
  • Hand wash (disconnect wiring first)
  • Instructions: Japanese
Sold Out
Sold Out