Healing Partner Dacky Robot Pet

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New from Takara Tomy, Healing Partner Dacky is the latest in robotic pet communication. Dacky has SIX internal sensors through which he learns about you and develops a personality of his own. Stroking him on his head, back, or paw will elicit certain responses as you get to know him, and he responds with/to verbal communication as well.

Healing Partner Dacky  Robot Pet

Healing Partner Dacky  Robot Pet


• SIX internal sensors
• Develops a vocabulary of over 650 words and can talk with you (Japanese of course)
• Sings
• By being touched, carried, and talked to he develops a personality and matures
• Adapts to your sleep cycle

Healing Partner Dacky  Robot Pet


• Color: Milky
• Six touch sensors
• Size: 200mm (7.9in) wide, 300mm (11.8in) high, 280mm (11in) long
• Power: 1 CR2032 lithium battery for memory (included), 4 “C” alkaline batteries (not incl.)
• Manual (Japanese)
• 6-month manufacturer’s warranty

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