Hada Komachi Anti-Snore Neck Scarf

Beauty anti-aging sleeping therapy

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Fight the signs of aging in your neck AND sleeping discomfort with this Hada Komachi, a special scarf to keep your skin tight and fresh, and reduce those glaring wrinkles. The material is made from bamboo charcoal dyed cotton with tourmaline and it will also help stop you snoring at night if you wear it in your sleep!

Hada Komachi Anti-Snore Neck Scarf

Snoring can not only be a problem for other people in the room but can also keep waking up the snorer as well when their breath gets caught. The Hada Komachi helps maintain a better neck position for healthier breathing during the night. You can also wear the Hada Komachi while you watch TV or do the housework, or even when you are in the bath. You will find your overall neck appearance improve and look more buoyant and invigorated.

Hada Komachi Anti-Snore Neck Scarf

The Hada Komachi features:

  • Wear while sleeping to help prevent snoring
  • Also works to tighten skin and improve neck condition
  • Materials: 100% bamboo charcoal dyed cotton and tourmaline

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