Grooming Tab Pet Bath Salts

Ion-care bathing for dogs and cats

What do you get if you put together the Japanese love for everything involving a bath and everything involving pets? Well, many things, but the Grooming Tab Pet Bath Salts should certainly be in that list! Because of course your pets need a bath that would take their own needs into account: they are way more sensitive to smells, their skin pH is different (7.2-9.0 for dogs and 6.8-8.5 for cats, compared to regular human skin's 5.4-5.9), and have a lot more hair than you!

The Grooming Tab Pet Bath Salts take care of all these: they're completely odorless and colorless, and have a neutral pH so won't irritate skin. They help remove grease, sebum, and minerals trapped on your pet's fur and paws, and do so naturally without any synthetic cleaning agent. And they're also very easy to use: just dissolve a tablet in 30-40 liters (8-11 gallons) of water and either bathe your dog or cat or soak a towel in the water to wipe them down. They'll love it!

Specs and Features:

  • For bathing pets (dogs, cats)
  • Options: 10 tablets, 100 tablets
  • 1 tablet per bath
  • Unscented, colorless, and with a neutral pH
  • Contains: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium carbonate, PEG 6000, sodium caprylyl sulfonate
  • Weight: 158 g (5.5 oz), 1.39 kg (3 lbs)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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