Goma Dango Sesame Dumpling Plastic Model Kit

1/1 scale model of Asian sweet

The ball-shaped rice flour dumplings known as dango are one of the most popular sweets in Japan. Dango skewered and dipped in soy syrup can be found everywhere, from street stalls to convenience stores and traditional confectioneries, with a history going back centuries. The goma dango sesame dumpling is a different variety, involving a core made of anko sweet red bean paste and a covering of sesame seeds. The Goma Dango Sesame Dumpling Plastic Model Kit offers you the opportunity to make one of your own – while seriously testing your patience at the same time!

Why? Because you have to put together each and every sesame seed one by one! And believe it or not, to cover the 40 mm (1.5") ball that is the finished product, you have to cut off from their runners of over 900 sesame seeds and glue them onto the dango's surface. So arm yourself wit a pair of nippers and a bottle of glue, and get ready to spend a few hours creating the most realistic goma dango model you have seen!

Specs and Features:

  • Height (assembled): approx. 40 mm (1.5")
  • Pieces: over 900
  • Tools needed: glue, nippers
  • Special order: please allow additional time for delivery
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