GMC-4 Microcomputer

20 key 4-bit CPU

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Hobbyist computing giant Gakken is back with the GMC-4 Microcomputer. Recalling the days before windows, mice, and pretty graphics, the GMC-4 takes computing back to the old school. The 20-key keypad lets you give direct instructions to the 4-bit CPU, and control the computer's 7 LED indicator lights, its 7-segment LED display, and its speaker. You'd be amazed how much you can do with such a simple computer! Featured in Make Magazine, the GMC-4 has won the hearts of geeks across the world.

GMC-4 Microcomputer

The Gakken GMC-4 Microcomputer features:

  • 20-key hexadecimal keyboard
  • 7-segment LED display
  • 7 discrete LED lights
  • Built-in programs: organ, sound game, whack-a-mole, tennis, melody player, morse code generator, timer
  • Power: 3 AA batteries, not included
  • Instructions: Japanese
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