Genboku Shiitake Juicy Curry

Izu, Shizuoka mushroom delicacy

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Shiitake mushrooms are one of Japan's greatest contributions to the pantries of the world and Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture is famous for the quality of its shiitake. Since the mid-18th century, the mushrooms from "the Land of Izu" have been exported to the four corners of Japan and their tasty texture has added tastiness to all kinds of dishes. These are the mushrooms you will find in this delicious Genboku Shiitake Juicy Curry, cultivated in the classic wood-log technique.

Genboku Shiitake Juicy Curry

With strips of pork, sauteed onions, pureed apple and banana, chicken and beef extract, lard and mango chutney (plus the spices that make curry, well, curry) the Genboku Shiitake Juicy Curry is a gastronomical adventure that will change your perception of what "Japanese cuisine" means. And as this is a set of four 170g (5.9 oz) boxes (each with one serving), allowing you to share the pleasure with friends and family!

Genboku Shiitake Juicy Curry

The Genboku Shiitake Juicy Curry features:

  • Set of four boxes (1 serving each)
  • Contains whole shiitake mushrooms, meat (chunks of pork, beef and chicken extracts), sugar, wheat, soy, powdered milk, etc
  • Weight (per box): 170g (5.9 oz)
  • Best consumed within one year after manufacture date
  • Best stored in places with no direct exposure to sunlight and with normal/average/fixed temperature
  • Made in Japan

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