Fundoshi Panties Loincloth Underwear Mook

Japanese traditional undergarment for women

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Japanese loincloth underwear, fundoshi, are worn traditionally by Japanese men, visible most famously today on men at festivals and sumo wrestlers (technically a special form of fundoshi called mawashi). But there is a growing movement in Japan to reclaim them as the undergarments of choice for regular folk too, including for women. Why? Well, they are super comfortable for one, especially for wearing at night. This "mook" (a magazine pack) is part of this new fashion scene, offering a pair of purple Fundoshi Panties Loincloth Underwear that won't constrict blood circulation like normal underwear, giving a better night's sleep (or even a better daytime experience too).

Fundoshi Panties Loincloth Underwear Mook

This fundoshi undergarment can be worn by women too. The double gauze of the fundoshi is better for the skin, helping your body breathe, and will be very effective for people who get cold at night. And we think these look pretty cool too.

The Fundoshi Panties Loincloth Underwear Mook features:

  • Unisex pair of fundoshi underwear
  • Designed to be worn at night but can also be worn during the day
  • Fits waists: 69-96cm (27-38")
  • Includes "mook" magazine (Japanese only)

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