Fumakilla Mosquito Coils (50 Coils)

Neutral-scent insect repellent

Coil-shaped insect repellents are one of Japan's oldest offerings to the world: it was Yuki and Eiichiro Ueyama who, in the late 1890s, realized that by making them spiral-shaped they would last longer. Over a century later, it is still a good idea used everywhere. There is a problem, though, and one that the Fumakilla Mosquito Coils address in a very effective way: the smell. Because of their active ingredient, a variation of the plant pyrethrum, mosquito coils have a very characteristic scent. Or they did until now!

Using its 150-year-plus experience in the home chemical business field, Tokyo-based Fumakilla fine-tuned the Fumakilla Mosquito Coils to minimize the smell we have all come to associate with the green insect-repellent spirals without affecting their effectiveness. As a matter of fact, every one of the 50 coils that come in this retro-looking can (whose lid can also be used as a tray) should last about 11 hours, offering you more than a good night's sleep!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 50 coils
  • Neutral scent
  • Duration: approx. 11 hours/coil
  • Lid can be used as tray
  • Made by historical Tokyo company Fumakilla (est. 1875)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese (but easy to use)
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US$ 12