Fukumaneki Hinamatsuri Dolls

Beckoning cat version of traditional Girls' Day decoration

There are all kinds of Hina dolls out there, used by families who have daughters to celebrate Hinamatsuri (Dolls' Day or Girls' Day) on March 3. And regardless of size, they are all variations of the same theme: a wedding in the imperial court during the Heian period (794-1185). The two dolls will always have the newlyweds, the emperor and empress, but they look very different (and cute) in this reimagined version: the Fukumaneki Hinamatsuri Dolls.

The porcelain emperor and empress duo in the set come in the form of Japan's second most famous cat, the maneki-neko or beckoning cat that you will see in the windows of shops and restaurants all over the country. Made to wave customers in, they have become a symbol of good fortune and in this Hina-ningyo set, they add their power as talismans to that of the dolls. At 6.9 cm (2.7") and 6 cm (2.4") and beautifully painted, they'll tempt you to keep them on display even after Girls' Day – although you are not supposed to!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 2 dolls (emperor, empress), tray with fish offering, golden folding screen, black platform, wooden tag with "Hinamatsuri" inscription
  • Height (emperor doll): 6.9 cm (2.7")
  • Height (empress doll): 6 cm (2.4")
  • Material: white porcelain
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US$ 60