FSX Aroma Premium Antibacterial Wet Towels (3 Pack)

Scented antiseptic paper sheets

The Japanese didn't need the Covid pandemic to become sensitive about personal hygiene: these are the people who take a shower before taking a bath, have automated the faucets in public toilets, and invented the bidet-toilet! So of course they would take the concept of hand wipes to the next level too, combining moisturizing with antiseptic power and wrapped in a beautiful fragrance. In other words, what you will find in the FSX Aroma Premium Antibacterial Wet Towels!

Each of the three packs contains 30 paper towels measuring 255 x 270 mm (10 x 10.6"). This means that you can use them for your hands or to wipe clean any surface around you, even a whole table. The antibacterial action is guaranteed but to avoid the hospital smell that comes with regular antiseptics, these towels come in three fragrances (citral, lavender, and peppermint) to match your mood of the day. You'll never go back to regular hand wipes after these!

Specs and Features:

  • 3 pack
  • Each pack contains 30 towels
  • Options: citral, lavender, peppermint
  • Towel/wipe dimensions: 255 x 270 mm (10 x 10.6")
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US$ 45
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