Frisk Shirt Spray Super Cool Type

Breath freshener brand garment cooling spray

Frisk has been so active in the breath freshener business that you would think they have been around forever – it's hard to believe there were no Frisk mints before the mid-80s! And people will probably be saying the same thing in 35 years about this: was there a time when the Frisk Shirt Spray Super Cool Type wasn't around? Thanks to its innovative formula including persimmon tannin (a natural antibacterial), this spray is a must-have for your shirts and T-shirts.

What Frisk mints do for your breath, the Frisk Shirt Spray Super Cool Type does for your garments. Just spray them with it and feel cool and sweat-free: dry, silky, and smooth. It comes in two scents (lemon mint or peppermint) and the bottles are a half-liter (16.9 fl oz), so you won't be running out any time soon. A game changer for the summer, especially in hot and humid places like Tokyo!

The Frisk Shirt Spray Super Cool Type features:

  • Scents: lemon mint, peppermint
  • 500 ml (16.9 fl oz)
  • Ingredients: water, ethanol, L-menthol, persimmon tannin, green tea extract, silver ions, peppermint oil
  • Made by Frisk mint freshener
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