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Foot Groomer Manicure Pad

Elastomer brushes feet massager

The Foot Groomer Manicure Pad uses elastomer brushes to provide a manicure sensation for your feet. Designed for use in the bathroom, it is a convenient way to relax and give your soles a much-needed beauty treatment without fuss or special tools.

Foot Groomer Manicure Pad

First rinse the pad with warm water. Then coat the brushes with soap, drawing the bar across the pad in a circular pattern. Then place your feet on the special brushes and move them to lather up the soap, creating a manicure effect between your toes. When not needed, the pad can also stick to the wall of your bathroom, making this a very practical item for everyday use.

Foot Groomer Manicure Pad

The Foot Groomer Manicure Pad features:

  • Size: 245 x 280 x 25mm (9.6 x 11 x 1")
  • Weight: 300g (10.6 oz)
  • Materials: TPE (elastomer), aluminum oxide, tourmaline, etc
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)
  • Made in Japan

Foot Groomer Manicure Pad
Shipping weight: 0.5Kg / 1.1lbs
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