Evangelion Mildliner Markers (5 Pack)

Anime highlighter pens pack

We may live a big part of our lives online these days but there's still room for paper, pencils, pens, and markers. The latter are especially very handy when you want to make something stand out on the page: just ask any student from elementary school to college! The main audience for the Evangelion Mildliner Markers, though, aren't students but fans of New Genesis Evangelion, one of the most influential anime franchises and one that reinvented the super-robot genre!

An official New Genesis Evangelion item, the Evangelion Mildliner Markers come as a pack of five pens with water-soluble ink, all in mild colors that also still ensure readability. The colors are mild gold, mild vermilion, mild pink, mild dark blue, and mild violet and they have all been chosen so they can correspond to one of the Evangelion units from the series: Unit 00, Unit 01, Unit 02, Unit 08, and Mark 06. Using these pens will make you feel as if you are working for NERV on the next Evangelion project!

Specs and Features:

  • Official New Genesis Evangelion merchandise
  • Colors: Mild Gold, Mild Vermilion, Mild Pink, Mild Dark Blue, Mild Violet
  • Ink: water-soluble
  • Illustrations: Evangelion Unit 00, Evangelion Unit 01, Evangelion Unit 02, Evangelion Unit 08, Evangelion Mark 06
  • Pack dimensions: 75 x 75 mm (3 x 3")
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US$ 25