Eneloop Mobile USB Booster Stick KBC-D1BS

iPhone, iPad, XPERIA, music player gadget charger

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Sanyo have re-released and improved on their superb Eneloop Mobile USB Booster Stick so that we are never caught short on power ever again. As we grow more and more dependent on our mobile devices we also need the extra energy to accompany our lifestyles. The answer exists in your pocket with this USB stick: Wherever you are, whenever you are, whether it's your phone, camera or music player gadget, this lightweight and portable charger can supply you with power.

Eneloop Mobile USB Booster Stick KBC-D1BS

It charges up and stores energy via USB in the included two AA eneloop batteries (for best results, though other batteries should be fine too). Sanyo's eneloop series has attraction worldwide attention for being the most efficient rechargeable batteries on the planet and here they can be your direct mobile lifestyle angels. After being charged you can supply another device for 90 minutes and you can charge up the booster stick itself an amazing 1,500 times! What's more, Sanyo has now enhanced the design so the charger can be used with iPhone4 and XPERIA phones, as well as devices like the iPad.

The Sanyo Eneloop Mobile USB Booster Stick Charger KBC-D1BS features:

  • Size: 148 x 18m (5.82 x 0.7")
  • Weight: 76g (with batteries) (2.7 oz)
  • Power output: 5V/500mA (USB-A)
  • Run time: approximately 90 minutes (if using Eneloop batteries)
  • Two Eneloop AA rechargeable HR-3UTGA batteries included
  • Suitable for: music players, portable game consoles, mobile phones, computers, and other electronics
  • Includes micro USB adapter and USB cord
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Note that you cannot properly re-charge Eneloop batteries directly using this booster stick. A separate special eneloop charger is required

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