Eneloop Lamp from Sanyo

Always have a light on hand, whether to light your room or as a bright flashlight with the Eneloop Lamp from Sanyo, incorporating ecological rechargeable batteries with eneloop technology and incredible modern design.

Eneloop Lamp from Sanyo

The Eneloop Lamp can be used three different ways: As an "interior light" with two power modes, a "healing light" to create a blue-hued ambiance in "healing" or "flickering mode", or as a flashlight. The flashlight mode relies on an internal acceleromter that knows when the lamp is picked up and held at 90 degrees or more.

The charging system is completely contactless! Simply place the lamp on its charging stand and it goes to work without any cables to plug in, and allows you to use it as an interior light while charging and not waste and battery power.

Eneloop Lamp from Sanyo

Eneloop Lamp features:

  • High-luminance LED light
  • Color: White
  • 3 uses: Interior light, Healing light, Flashlight
  • Contactless charging system
  • Charging stand
  • AA eneloop rechargeable batteries
  • AC adapter: 100V 50/60Hz
  • Manual: Japanese

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US$ 164