Emma Glass Slipper

Genuine glass footwear

Price: US$ 1,758

Recreate those Cinderella moments with the Emma Glass Slipper. This is a beautiful footwear item genuinely made of glass, so be careful with it! Treat it carefully and give it to your true princess to wear. Available in a range of sizes. One shoe only.

Emma Glass Slipper

The Emma Glass Slipper features:

  • Genuine glass shoe
  • One shoe only
  • Sizes: 21.5cm (8.5"), 22cm (8.7"), 22.5cm (8.9"), 23cm (9.1"), 23.5cm (9.3"), 24cm (9.4"), 24.5cm (9.6"), 25cm (9.8"), 25.5cm (10")
  • Display platform not included (example only)
  • Fragile (do not drop)