Elementary School Kanji Review Drills

Japanese writing system study guide

If you're learning Japanese using the system the Japanese follow themselves for teaching their children, you will go through the kanji, the Chinese characters that form the core of Japan's writing system, set by set as they appear in every grade of elementary school. But as you proceed, you inevitably forget some or get rusty: this is what happens to Japanese sixth graders too and why there are great study and revision guides. Like the Elementary School Kanji Review Drills!

The Elementary School Kanji Review Drills takes the 1,026 kanji that make up the foundational set of characters and lets you learn and revise them through different kinds of exercises, designed to distill into you the meanings and readings of the kanji. Its 144 pages are brimming with drills using real sentences so you aren't just learning kanji but also improving your reading and comprehension skills at the same time!

Specs and Features:

  • Covers the 1,026 kanji characters taught in Japan's six grades of elementary school
  • Dimensions: 257 x 182 x 6 mm (10.1 x 7.2 x 0.2")
  • Pages: 144
  • Language: Japanese
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