Eat Kun Japan Post Mailbox

Japanese postal box

Price: US$ 986

Decorated in the distinctive red color and with the white "T" symbol of the Japanese mail service, Eat Kun is a fun, original way to collect your letters! This set of mailbox, pole and stand is everything you need to have an original Japanese post box in your garden or porch. The lid lifts up, making retrieval quick and easy, while the mailbox "mouth" can fit a range of letters and parcels, newspapers and magazines, and more.

Eat Kun Japan Post Mailbox

For security, you can add a padlock to the lid, as well as a chain to the stand. A small hole in the box also prevents rainwater from collecting inside.

Eat Kun Japan Post Mailbox

The Eat Kun Japan Post Mailbox features:

  • With stand, pole
  • Color: red
  • Height: 106cm (42")
  • Mailbox diameter: 43cm (17")
  • Weight: 6kg (13.2 lb) (mailbox), 2kg (4.4 lb) (pole), 7kg (15.4 lb) (stand)
  • Made in Japan