Dream Cat Venus - Yume Neko Robotic Cat

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JapanTrendShop has long been on the forefront of making robotic pet technology available to the masses, starting with Sega's original "Near Me" through the upgraded "Dream Cat Smile". We now have the latest version, the Yume Neko Venus (Dream Cat Venus) available only from Japan for worldwide shipping!

Dream Cat Venus - Yume Neko Robotic Cat

Yume Neko Venus uses the latest in sensor and robotic technology to create truly interactive pet that reacts to your stimuli when you pet it, including realistic meowing. The mouth, ears, eyes, and other facial expressions are more real than ever, and she even raises her paw in the way only a cat does! Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Yume Neko Venus Features:

  • Realistic motion and sound
  • Includes hair comb for grooming
  • Size: 490 x 230 x 240mm (20 x 9 x 10")
  • Materials: Polyester, PC, ABS, PVC, PP
  • Power: C battery x 2
  • Manual: Japanese
  • Limited run of 20,000 pieces!

Dream Cat Venus - Yume Neko Robotic Cat
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