Doraemon Air Cannon DIY Labyrinth Kit

Popular anime character building toy

The future that he comes from is still a while century away, so who knows? Perhaps after 100 years, we will have robotic cats like Doraemon that travel through time to help people like Nobita Nobi become all they can be. With the Doraemon Air Cannon DIY Labyrinth Kit, you can help your children prepare for that time by creating complicated, multi-level courses where Nobita must use the infrared-emitting air cannon gadget to make the balls reach Doraemon. What's great is that this set comes with enough pieces to allow for virtually countless combinations of routes!

At one end of the Doraemon Air Cannon DIY Labyrinth Kit is Nobita trying to hit a target. At the other, Doraemon is waiting to catch the ball. And between them are four secret ball switches and 76 interlocking parts that include sliders, slopes, blocks, corners, and slings, so the balls (in blue or red) can travel along various routes. A great way to help your children exercise their imagination muscles and at the same time get to know what is probably the most loved pair of characters in manga and anime for the last 50+ years!

The Doraemon Air Cannon DIY Labyrinth Kit features:

  • Official Doraemon merchandise
  • Bandai Koroga Switch series
  • Nobita "super switch" air cannon uses infrared
  • Nobita character super switch: 1 (Nobita figure with air cannon, target)
  • Secret tool switch: 4 types, 1 each
  • Other parts: 76 (12 types)
  • Balls: 5 (3 blue, 2 red)
  • Stickers: 1
  • For ages 3 and above
  • Instructions: Japanese
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US$ 144