Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case

iPhone4 woman's hand cover

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Bizarre, original, creepy... Pick your adjective but one thing's for sure, the Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case is certainly memorable! Looking rather unsettlingly like a severed person's hand (!), this iPhone4 decoration cover will have people laughing, gasping and then some when they see you holding your device's new, ahem, limb... Hold hands with your Dokkiri phone and you are guaranteed a reaction!

Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case

More than just a strange addition to your phone, the Dokkiri hand also makes for a useful accessory for standing up your device, or for holding pens, cosmetics and other things. And if you are in need of companionship, "she" can even become a very special friend indeed!

Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case

The Dokkiri iPhone 4 Hand Case features:

  • Only for iPhone4
  • Nami's Hand version (young woman's hand)
  • Please note that hand design may vary slightly from those shown in pictures

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