Doggy Health Run Pet Owner Exercise Treadmill

Workout machine for animals

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Every dog owner wants their fluffy friend to be in the best of health. But sometimes, it's just too hot or cold to play outdoors, or maybe your canine pal wants to head out a little too late at night. Well, with the Doggy Health Run Pet Owner Exercise Treadmill, your dog can get all the exercise they need... with a little help from their owner!

Doggy Health Run Pet Owner Exercise Treadmill

Your pet goes on the mini treadmill while you sit on the stationary bike. Then just pedal away and the treadmill moves at the speed you want it to. You can sit next to your pup, or arrange the device so you are facing each other. Either way, you'll always be able to keep track of how they are doing and feel like you are enjoying some mutual exercise. It also comes with a tracker that tells you how many calories have been burned off, along with other stats. And it isn't just good for your four-legged companion, as you'll also get your own workout from pedalling.

The Doggy Health Run Pet Owner Exercise Treadmill features:

  • Comes with dog treadmill and stationary bike for human usage
  • Can be set up side to side, or facing one another
  • Size when side to side: 102 x 113 x 141cm (40 x 44.4 x 55.5")
  • Size when facing one another: 65 x 113 x 211cm (25.6 x 44.4 x 83")
  • Bike weight: 16kg (35 lbs)
  • Treadmill weight: 19.5kg (43 lbs)
  • Treadmill best for dogs 10kg (22 lbs) and under
  • Bike best for humans 100kg (220 lbs) and under
  • Instructions: Japanese

Doggy Health Run Pet Owner Exercise Treadmill
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