Digital Bad Breath Checker for Women

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Breathing into your hands before you go out, and what do you usually smell? Nothing. That's because our bodies become accustomed to our own odors, making us really, really bad judges of our own breath. Take the uncertainty out of things with the Date Breath Checker, a cute, palm-sized gadget that lets you know if it's time to go find a toothbrush or some mints.

Digital Bad Breath Checker for Women

How to Use:

  1. Push the single button on the front of the checker. You'll hear a beep and the screen will turn on
  2. The character on the screen will open and close her mouth once. Breath in and out once (not into the machine)
  3. When the character on the screen opens her mouth a second time, block into the hole at the top of the device, with your mouth about an inch from the opening
  4. A happy face means you're good to go. A neutral (flat-line) face means there's a little bit of detectable odor. If you get a sad face, it's time to grab the listerine

Digital Bad Breath Checker for Women

The Date Breath Checker features:

  • Color: Pink
  • Simple, discreet breath analysis
  • Compact design easily fits in a handbag; carry it everywhere
  • Size: 75x44x25mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Power: Two AAA batteries, not included
  • Manual: Japanese

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