Dew siroiro oil

Non-greasy face cleansing and moisturizing

Is it oil or is it serum? The Dew siroiro oil combines the best of both worlds to provide your face with all the nutrition and moisture it needs after a tiring day. Based as much on sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid that exists in your body and helps lubricate your joints, as eucalyptus leaf extract and oil from the seeds of the jojoba shrub, this amazing new formula is as milky as its white color suggests, but not at all greasy. It's like water wrapped in a very light oil.

The Dew siroiro oil comes after you have wiped away any hard-to-remove makeup (waterproof mascara, etc.). It works fine for regular makeup as well as for regular dirt and dust that floats in the air or even for particles like pollen. You can also use it as a regular moisturizer after washing your hands and face. This makes it particularly useful in the times of Covid when our skin suffers from disinfectant- and mask-fatigue, but also for any occasion when you have to spend a lot of time in air-conditioned environments. This is a real all-time, all-seasons moisturizer that you definitely need to check out!

Specs and Features:

  • 180 ml (6 fl oz)
  • Contents: sodium hyaluronate, eucalyptus leaf extract, petrolatum, squalane, jojoba seed oil
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 27