Decocchao Bear from Sega Toys

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You must try this! You can't help falling in love with a Decocchao at very first sight and even more after you personalize it with your original ideas and imagination. Decocchaos from Sega Toys could save your purse from boredom and dullness and revive it with shiny lovely sparkles and your own personal style. You may feel like decorating your cell phone with a Decocchao, or simply leaving it on display in your favorite place.

Decocchao Bear from Sega Toys

How to Customize a Decocchao

  • Each set comes in the form of one Decocchao bear + 6 accessories which varies from set to set according to the color of the decocchao you choose.
  • Fit accessories into little holes in the body of a decocchao wherever you like
  • Be creative and collect other accessories for your decocchao such as ribbons and pins. DECORATE YOUR OWN DECOCCHAO!!

Decocchao Bear from Sega Toys

The Decocchao Features:

  • Color: Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, or Blue
  • Size: 8.5cm x 14.5cm x 4.8cm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Material: EVA plastic
  • Sold ONLY in Japan
  • Instructions: Japanese

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