Dayon Sound Communicator from Otokinoko

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Hear your world in a way you never have before. Dayon from Otokinoko (sound mushroom) is a “sound communicator” that senses vibrations and enables you to hear things that you wouldn’t normally notice. Place it against walls, next to the aquarium, on your pets…anything you want to get a unique sound from!

Dayon Sound Communicator from Otokinoko

Using the included Handfone along with the Dayon and some headphones, you can listen to sound in a 360 degree environment, picking up noises and sounds that are distant, muffled, or just plain unusual. The Dayon is part art, part exploration, and allows you to hear the world in a whole new way, and also record it from the output jacks.

Dayon Sound Communicator from Otokinoko

Dayon features:

• Size: 70 x 131 x 26mm (2.8 x 5.2 x 1”)
• Weight: 135g.
• Frequency: 20,000Hz ~ 20Hz
• Input/Output: Handfone input and output, headphone output, mobile phone input and output, mic input
• Power: 3 x AAA battery
• Battery life: About 20 hours

Included in delivery

• Dayon body
• Handfone
• Mobile phone cable (compatibility will vary)
• Stereo audio cable
• 3 x AAA batteries
• Manual (Japanese)

Dayon Sound Communicator from Otokinoko

Optional accessories

• Monera: Dual-purpose mic and speaker that senses vibration and can be a great addition to the Dayon for unique sound.
• Otoloupe: Captures 360 degree sounds and vibrations, wind, and more with this unique input device.

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