Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker

Japanese cooking toy for kids

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Included in this cute and easy Daikaiten! Sushi Maru are six sushi-making capsules that allow kids and all the family to participate in the joy of preparing Japan's most famous dish. After you've put your slice of raw fish over the vinegared rice and closed them in the capsules, place the capsules in the slots on the round serving tray (in the style of kaiten-zushi conveyor-belt sushi).

Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker

Then the real fun starts. Press down on the cat (yes, this restaurant has a cat chef!) and the capsules will spin around and around to seal the sushi and rice. You can also use the included molds and presses to make gunkan ("battleship") sushi rolls.

Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker

The Daikaiten! Sushi Maru Sushi Maker features:

  • For ages 8 and over
  • You can make up to 6 items of sushi at once
  • Includes "cat" chef, spoons x 2, mold x 2, capsules x 6, sushi plates x 6
  • Ingredients not included
  • Materials: ABS, POM, PP
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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