Cyber Figure Alice ARis augmented reality maid

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Finally out on the market, Cyber Figure Alice is the world’s first true Augmented Reality consumer product, and it’s incredible! Using the software, included props, and a web cam, you can interact physically with a digital maid character! Alice has a real personality and responds to your touch and loves receiving gifts from you. She’ll even take off/change clothes when you’d like her to.

You can interact with Alice on a variety of levels, from simply moving her around to keeping her happy and entertained. In return, she’ll do the same for you and even sweep up!

Cyber Figure Alice ARis augmented reality maid

Cyber Figure Alice ARis specs:

Operating System: Windows XP SP2+
Software (download only)
Activation code (included)
Web cam required

Cyber Figure Alice ARis augmented reality maid


Interactive digital figure
Positioning cube
Coded sticks for interacting/undressing/poking/etc
Gift/Clothing cards
Voiced by Yukana
Instructions: Japanese
Because it's software-related, no returns are accepted on open products

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