Cuvilady Balance Chair

Exercise training slimming workout

Are you ready? Let's Cuvilady! Winner of a Good Design Award in 2012, the Cuvilady Balance Chair will help you get a svelte figure just like the girls from K-pop band KARA. Slim and train your waist, with the Cuvilady designed to keep your back straight for an effective stomach and hip workout.

Cuvilady Balance Chair

The stand means the chair won't actually shift on the floor, while the support handles that come with the set also allow beginners to move with ease. The best exercise you can get with this is a full 360-degree swing, which should really get you in shape to match the dance of the KARA girls!

Cuvilady Balance Chair

It comes in five colors: pink, black, blue, red, orange.

The Cuvilady Balance Chair features:

  • Colors: pink, black, blue, red, orange
  • Size: around 36.2 x 40.8 x 35.6cm (14.3 x 16.1 x 14")
  • Can hold up to 120kg (264.6 lb), and hip sizes up to 110cm (43.4")
  • Comes with DVD, stand, suppport handles
  • Handle and stand colors may vary from those shown
  • Instructions: Japanese

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